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Special Inspection

- Continuous and periodic inspections per International Building Code  

- Reinforced Concrete, rebar, embeds, post installed anchors / bolts. 

- QC: Mix design review, verification and allowable water calculations performed onsite.

- ACI Field testing & Batch Plant Inspections.

- Materials Identification & Tally , Procedure , Process and Spec review. 

- Structural Steel  Welding & High Strength bolting inspection. 


Quality Assurance

Inspection Planning and Coordination.

Reports on the Quality objectives per assignment. 

Reporting of quality control, testing and designated hold points. 

Document creation and implementation.

Welder Qualification testing.


Quality Control

Performance of test methodologies per contract requirements.

Random and verification testing at specified intervals as requested.

Engagement of working personnel and interpretation of test results.


Nondestructive Testing / Examination (NDT/NDE) basic

- Ultrasonic thickness surveys (CMLs)

- Shearwave (AWS D1.1 )

- Magnetic particle testing

- Liquid penetrant testing

- Visual testing & dimensional attributes

Coating Inspection:

- Environmental monitoring

- Coating thickness (DFT)

- Surface profile 

- Holiday testing (LV & HV)

- Blotter, nozzle pressure, vile testing, soluble salt testing.



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Malama Inspection is an Independent Inspection Agency.  

Malama Inspection does not sell, distribute or endorse any product to the industry. 

Malama Inspection observes the code of ethics as required with each certification (ICC, AWS, NACE, SSPC, API, ASNT and ACI).

Malama Inspection recognizes and avoids conflicts of interest. 

We would like to thank all of our customers and clients along with the many individuals who have supported Malama Inspection and our prosperity.


-Jay Martin

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